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Application notes

Perfusion circulation assessment (Rat kidney)

This is a document of the case of the rat kidney perfusion experiment.

Used equipment: PSU

Ex vivo perfusion culture (Rat skeletal muscle)

This is the data for long-term perfusion experiment of rat skeletal muscle.
Used equipment: PSU


Intermittent application of external positive pressure helps to preserve organ viability during ex vivo perfusion and culture

07 November 2019

Sano, K., Homma, J., Sekine, H. et al.

 J Artif Organs (2019)

Used equipment: OCS(base system), PULSE

Generation of a large-scale vascular bed for the in vitro creation of three-dimensional cardiac tissue

22 October 2019

Inui A., , Sekine, H., Sano K. et al.

Regen Ther (2019)

Used equipment: Custom made system based on OCS

Academic paper


Tokyo Women's Medical University
Advanced Biomedical Science Institute

Used equipment: OCS(cool&heat, custom made), PULSE, BPU

​Since 2014

Waseda University
Advanced Biomedical Science Center

Used equipment: OCS(custom made)

​Since 2014

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Cell Perfusion System
​leaflet  PMD

You can download the leaflet of the Cell Perfusion System.


Pulsating Constant Pressure Pump
​leaflet  BPU

You can download the leaflet of the Pulsating Constant Pressure Pump.


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