From the cell, organoid

    to tissue and organ

TOKAI HIT Bioreactor

- All IN ONE​ - 

Clean, Temperature, Pump, Perfusion, Chamber

Humidity, CO2 , O2 , Pressure, pH, Dissolved oxygen

System configuration

Case 1: "All IN ONE" 

Case 2: Easy Table-top setup

Case 3: Culturing in the CO2 Incubator

Regarding the pH, dissolved oxygen, and other monitoring...

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Achieves a clean environment and temperature control on your table

Together with a forced circulation clean box, Optimal temperature control is performed with temperature-controlled laminar flow.

The dark box is ideal for an imaging and culture environment.


While the perfusion, the flow rate and pressure of the liquid can be monitored.

It is ideal for vascular experiments and organ-related experiments because it can send fluid at a pulsation pressure.

The pump unit is moisture-proof and drip-proof and can be installed in the incubator.

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Organ Chamber: ORC

From cells to organoids, tissues, and organs,

we have a lineup of various shapes.

We can make a customized chamber according to the application and organs.


Digital Gas Mixer: GM

A digital gas mixer that controls CO2 concentration and O2 concentration.

Not only variable specifications with a CO2 concentration of 5.0 to 20%, but also hypoxic experiments with an O2 concentration of 0.1 to 18% are available.

GM-8000-Ver.g_イメージ図 グラデ.jpg

Heating Unit: TPi

Accurate and stable temperature control is performed by PID regulation.

The glass heater is applied on the top, allowing you to observe the inside.



There are various lineups to suit your needs, and custom orders are also available.


Humidifier Container / Bottle

We also support concerns about humidity.


We have a lineup of special containers and the heated bottles for maintaining the humidity.

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