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Pressure stimulation unit
​ PSU series


The pressure inside the container can be controlled to positive pressure / negative pressure at any time.

Supports two pressurization modes, intermittent pressurization, and steady pressurization.
Equipped with data logging function as standard.

System that enables gas exchange

A method of taking in CO2 in the CO2 incubator through a sterilization filter.
Can be used with Room air and our gas mixer for CO
2, and O2.


Can be installed in a CO2 incubator

With moisture-proof design and shield technology,

the culture system can be installed in the CO2 incubator.



System configuration

It consists of a controller section and a pump section.
The controller uses a touch panel and also performs data logging.

The pump section can be installed in the incubator as it is.


Application example: Combination with culture insert

Build a perfusion system using a commercially available culture insert and a 35 mm dish. Perfusion culture and physical stimulation of cells and organoids are possible at the same time using our original closed culture vessel and PSU.




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