Pulsating Constant Pressure Pump




Non-contact pressure measurement

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It measures the flow path pressure during perfusion aseptically.

By feeding back to the pump, constant pressure liquid feeding is also possible.

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Pump unit can be installed in a CO2 incubator


Adopts moisture-proof design and shield technology

It is possible to install a perfusion system including a pump in a CO2 incubator.

It controls the two channels independently.

Touch panel controller

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You can intuitively switch between constant pressure/pulsation constant pressure/

constant flow rate perfusion mode.
The data logging function is available as standard.


System configuration


It controls the pump and set the parameter.

A touch panel is used to operate the pump at a pulsating constant pressure, constant pressure, and constant flow rate.

The pumps are in a container with a moisture-proof design and shield technology.

It controls each of the two-channel lines and the two pumps independently.

There is one pump that can be used for general purposes such as drainage in the container.



DSC_0488_トリム グラデ.jpg

Buffer bottle

Using a unique mechanism that measures the flow path pressure via a buffer bottle.

Aseptic and reusable sensing of channel pressure is possible.



Pressure range

● Pulsating constant pressure mode

Pressure setting range: 0 to 200 mmHg
Time setting: 1 sec


● Constant pressure mode

Pressure setting range: 0 to 200 mmHg

Setting STEP: 1 mmHg


● Constant flow mode

Flow rate setting range: 0.3-42.0 ml / min

Setting STEP: 0.1 ml / min

Pump unit: Width 175 x Height 164 x Depth 214 [mm]

Control controller: Width 150 x Height 126 x Depth 199 [mm]
Cable length: 2.0 [m]




Buffer bottle