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Pressurizing unit



Pressurizing an organ or tissue gas irrigation stream

With a well design sealed chamber, it can pressurize the whole organ/tissue uniformly. The improvement of the perfusion can be expected.*


Supports two patterns of intermittent pressure and steady pressure

You can switch between intermittent pressurization mode and steady pressurization mode with a single switch. The time for pressurization and the time for opening to the atmosphere can be set arbitrarily between 1s and 99m99s.


Accurate pressurization is possible with the real time pressure feedback regulation

Real-time accurate pressurization is possible with close-loop regulation of present pressure value.

Use case

​Use case

Academic paper

Intermittent application of external positive pressure helps to preserve organ viability during ex vivo perfusion and culture

07 November 2019

Sano, K., Homma, J., Sekine, H. et al.

 J Artif Organs (2019)

Used systems:

EBR-OCS(base system), OCS-PULSE

Closed chamber

Intermittent pressurization

Pressurize ⇔ non-pressurize (open to the atmosphere) is repeated.

Each time can be set arbitrarily between 1 s and 99 m 99 s.


Continue to pressurize at a constant pressure.

Steady pressurization


Sealed chamber

Highly sealed design is required for pressurized containers. The chamber has a sealed structure in addition to the standard organ chamber structure.

* Sold separately

basic specifications

Configurable pressure

​0 ~ 50 mmHg

Corresponding pressurizing gas

Room air (built into the controller)

CO 2 O 2 (combined with our gas mixer GM series)

Configurable interval

1 s ~ 99 m 99 s

W 120 x D 250 x H 156 mm




Pressurizing mode
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