Organ Culture System


Emulate in vivo organ perfusion
The pump allows you to adjust the flow rate for direct blood vessel perfusion.

Optimal temperature regulation of sample with Tokai Hit technology

It maintains highly accurate in vivo temperature regulation with a compact system.


Easy blood vessel connection to organs with Organ Chamber.
It reduces the expertise skill requirements to connect between the perfusion tube and 1.0mm blood vessel.

Download application note for rat small intestine and rat skeletal muscle here.

Everything is ready

for your experiment

After preparing organs and perfusate, all you need is to set priming, vascular cannulation, flow rate, and temperature to start the experiment. 

The system components:

Bioreactor unit

The temperature controller with liquid pumps. The smart and compact system achieves highly accurate temperature control. The pump allows you to adjust from priming to precise flow velocity.

Organ chamber

Design keeping organ and connecting blood vessels to organs. With unique Tokai Hit technology within, it is easier to connect from the perfusion tube to 1.0mm blood vessels. We already have exclusively designed chambers for rat small intestine and rat skeletal muscle. Also customized designed chamber is available to offer depending on the requirement.

Tube set

Consumable auto-clave/sterilization tube set. It includes the pump head of the liquid feed pump.

Example of experiment flow

1.Harvest an organ

2. Connect to organ chamber

3. Set to Bioreactor unit

Download application note for rate small intestine and rat skeletal muscle here.

Bioreactor unit

The chamber unit is composed of the Top and Bottom heater which allows you to regulate highly accurate temperature control and allows you to see actual organ/tissue condition during incubation. Does not require a large incubator for only incubation purpose anymore.

With the compact design, it can be placed inside the clean bench and perfusion culture inside.

Tube set

No more complicated tube selection! We have a variety of tubes available for blood vessel size. Autoclavable tube sets are available for you. Seamlessly connected from the culture medium reservoir to the blood vessels. 

Vessel connection tube

The tubes that cannulate to blood vessels.

We have a lineup of tubes with different thickness and hardness depending on the sample.

Organ chamber

The Organ Chamber is one of the keys to OCS. We have striven to find the solutions to keep the organ in place and easy connection with the blood vessel. To keep the well organ culture condition, the Organ Chamber needs to be designed depending on the sample/organs, application, etc.
Upon needs, the disposable chamber can be designed for your experiment.

For small intestine, for skeletal muscle


custom made

Custom-made organ chamber.

Chambers for rat small intestine and rat skeletal muscle

are also available.

Organ culture system specifications

Pump flow

50 to 1000 μL / min.
About 8000 μL / min. (For priming)

Organ chamber

Can hold organs, connect blood vessels, and observe (autoclave, EOG gas sterilization, gamma ray sterilization compatible)
* Custom-made for each organ / research is possible

Tube set

Liquid transfer tube, pump head included (autoclave compatible)

Temperature accuracy

± 1 ° C (actual value)

Temperature control

2 heater system with stage heater and top heater, cooling available

W 410 x D 260 x H 230 mm
(With bioreactor unit connection)





Tube pump, temperature control device

Power input voltage

100V-240V±10% 50Hz/60Hz


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